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Episode 9 | Where Ranching Ends and Farming Begins


Are there benefits to using cover crops in a livestock operation? How about a hunting and fishing ranch, or is this another “foo-foo” program that will not stand the test of time? Find out in this episode from expert soils and crop agronomist Kate Vogel who has years of background with crops from Colorado to Canada.

Kate studied dryland no-till systems at Colorado State University before coming to Montana.  Over the last ten plus years, she has assisted the regions farmers and ranchers to implement cover crops, no-till practices, crop rotations and other soil health practices. In 2014 Kate and her husband, Marcus, started North 40 Ag to increase the availability of seed for his family farm and to provide an educational outlet for others to improve their operations. From consulting, scouting fields, soil sampling and more, Vogel continues to be a voracious promoter of regenerative agriculture to the community, and state around her. In addition to the rewarding career at North 40 Ag, Marcus and Kate have a daughter, Collins, born in 2019 and she is busy checking fields, riding in the tractor, or mixing seed with them.