How We Do It

How We Do It

Opening Ranch Investing to More Partners

Historically, only those who were lucky enough to be born into a large land-owning family with generational knowledge and skill could truly enjoy ranch ownership.
In recent years, access to this type of asset and lifestyle have become exclusive to the billionaire class.
For too long, average investors have been shut out from being able to invest in large western ranches. We’re here to change that.

Using Financial Technology and Traditional Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV) to Modernize Access

The substantial upfront costs and ongoing management expenses of owning a sprawling western ranch have historically prevented the overwhelming majority of accredited investors from breaking into this alternative asset.
By introducing online syndication and cloud-based back-office management (common practices and other real estate and private equity sectors) we’re dismantling the barriers, transaction costs, and overheads that have traditionally fenced out the masses from direct participation.


How we Syndicate Ranches


Analyze Macroeconomic and Sociological Trends

The reasons to invest in ranches are complex and dynamic as this asset becomes more closely associated with the ultra-wealthy and less associated with its pioneer roots. Protein markets and global trade, interstate migration, changing consumer tastes and preferences in the way Americans travel or recreate, and Systematic Risk are dynamic factors, among many others, that we analyze to ensure we properly addressing long-term investment goals.


Identify and Offer Ranch Opportunities

We find unique ranches that balance location, diversity of property rights, recreational amenities, annual yields, and historical appreciation. After thorough and site-specific due diligence, we create a Special Purpose Vehicle that holds the deed to the ranch as an LLC, offering you a direct path to western ranch ownership.


Form Framework and Entry into LLC

We create Class A Units for Limited Partners, ensuring passive investor status, while Ranch Investor has vested skin-in-the-game with Class A units and alignment of interest with Class B Units as the General Partner. Our subscription process is streamlined and entirely digital via our Investor Portal. Should you need additional assistance, we have representative ready to guide you through.


Oversee Exclusive Recreational Access

With a focus on aligned interests, Ranch Mgmt Team LLC handles ranch asset and natural resource management on a revenue-share basis. We ensure partners get the best from recreational access and the unique rights and benefits tied to the ranch through “BYO” access the benefits landowners can enjoy like bull elk hunting or fossil exploration. Our back-office and investment administration are supported by Agora for ease of effective tax and annual reporting.


Distribute K-1 Statements and Share Progress

Our audited financial statements and certified public accountants ensure you will succinctly receive your annual distribution and K-1. In setting clear and realistic expectations ahead of reviewing our Private Placement Memorandum, vast western ranches have never been associated with large annual cash yields. Thus, if you do not need or desire a tax-shield from pass-through depreciation expense, which is common with such fixed assets, this investment may not be the right fit for you. We find the right ranches based on extensive due-diligence and qualifying parameters. We’ll keep you up-to-date with our annual reports on the progress of both economic and ecologic metrics.


Understand Investment Duration and Liquidity

To truly capitalize on the ranch asset, historically, a minimum hold of 10 years has been ideal. Given that we only offer investments to Accredited Investors who understand the risks and benefits associated with such commitments, Limited Partners should not expect liquidity until the sale and disposition of your ranch. To review the partnership agreement, term sheet and subscription agreement, simply register on our Investor Portal.

Learn How You Can Get Involved

Join us for a live webinar to dive into the details and benefits of ranch syndication. This is where you’ll have a chance to ask questions, meet our general partner, Colter Devries, and explore the intricacies of syndicated ranch investments before taking the next steps.
All questions and participation are confidential.

Learn How You Can Get Involved

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