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At Ranch Investor, we believe creating opportunities for passive investing in large western ranches will make ranch investing more fulfilling, and accessible. That’s why we offer Direct Participation Programs or accredited investors who join as Limited Partners.

By utilizing our team with experience in agricultural management, finance, brokerage, appraisal, and production, we’re able to offer a simplified and streamlined path to ranch ownership.

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Ranch Investor aims to democratize ranch ownership, allowing investors to access the benefits of generational ranchers. Through ownership syndication, we seek to broaden opportunities and mitigate risk, making ranch investing inclusive for those who share our vision.
Through ownership syndication, we aim to expand opportunities and lower risk, democratizing ranch investing for like-minded individuals. Our objective is to grant the average American access to financial and experiential gains from an asset historically restricted to the affluent.

We strive to play a pivotal role in changing the traditional paradigms of wealth concentration by creating an investment landscape that integrates community, culture, environment, and economic gains.

The Team

The Man in the Saddle

Hailing from Roberts, Montana, Colter DeVries is deeply rooted in his family’s late-1800s homestead and typifies a fifth-generation ranching work ethic. With over ten years of brokerage and banking experience, he passionately integrates his agricultural heritage with financial expertise. Colter takes pride in his affiliations as an Accredited Farm Manager with the American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers, as well as an Accredited Land Consultant with the Realtor Land Institute. Beyond his professional achievements, he embraces his passion for flying as a licensed pilot, often taking to the skies in a Cessna 182 to showcase ranch properties from an aerial perspective.

Shaelyn Bauer

Rangeland, Natural Resource & Ranch Management Consultant
Shaelyn is an expert in natural resources, ecological health assessment, and managed intensive grazing systems. She has a degree in Sustainable Food and Bioenergy Systems and Land Resources.

Patrick Daley

Advisor & Investment Committee
Patrick is a businessman who finished his MBA from the University of Chicago and has since been actively involved in civic and philanthropic endeavors dedicated to education, youth empowerment, and urban renewal.

Jim French

Advisor & Investment Committee
Jim is a certified general real estate appraiser, livestock appraiser, and an expert with access and flowage easements.

George Luther

Rangeland, Natural Resource & Ranch Management Consultant
George specializes in rural and specialized property ownership, commercial properties, subsurface rights, and agricultural (ranch/farms) appraisals for banking and financial purposes.

Powering Ranch Investor's Operations

Introducing Agora, our trusted investment management software

Ranch Investor partnered with Agora to reshape the field of ranch investment management. Utilizing Agora’s seamless platform, we’re able to tap into unmatched potential in identifying opportunities, raising capital and achieving optimal results for our valued investors. Agora enables us to simplify processes, allowing us to focus on business growth and profit maximization.