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a child wearing a cowchild hat

Episode 9 | Off To School – Rachel Frost, Ph.D


Is the best ranch investment you can make the time and expense of educating yourself and your people?

Ranches and ranch-lands are an investment, at this point in our series we know that this asset is not one that should be considered an operating asset or a means of production; the cash flow just isn’t there and the variables for value, appreciation, and correlation to other markets are too diverse to simplify ranchlands as just a means for livestock and lifestyle. So how do you protect and optimize the return of your investment? 

Dr. Rachel Frost believes the answer is through good people, education, and competent management.

In this episode, we discuss why it is vital that today’s ranch owners allocate the time and direct costs associated with education.

There are too many cowboys out there who think they have all the answers and do not need guidance or assistance from professional resources. There are too many billionaire vanity-ranchers who are not treating this investment as a fragile and holistic asset that deserves the respect of competent, insightful, and educated management.

Let’s dig in!