Ranch Investor Podcast

a bison standing in a field

Episode 5 | 12 Years Managing A Bison Ranch; A Master’s Tips


How Can Bison Help Create a More Sustainable Future for Ranching? 

In this episode, our guest Jeremy Gingerich shared his mastery of bison ranches, hunting, and production. He believes that a lot of the time, it’s human-nature not to change until there’s enough pain to force a change, let bison be bison, and let nature be the selector.

Advantages, marketing norms, and misconceptions about Bison ranching are hot topics. 

Since 1999, Jeremy Gingerich has practiced progressive management on some of the largest ranches in Montana, Colorado, Nebraska, and New Mexico, including some of the most diverse and critical wildlife habitats in the Northern and Southern Rockies. Throughout his career, he has used a holistic approach that recognizes the dynamics among working landscapes, human communities, livestock, wildlife, fisheries, riparian systems, and the human need for open space, natural areas for personal meaning, and sustainable agricultural enterprises.