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Episode 4 | Do I really need a professional ranch manager


With over 30 years of experience as an Accredited Farm Manager who has professionally administered some of the largest and most diverse farms and ranches in the US, hear what actually goes in to being a professional farm/ranch manager and why this should be deemed as an investment or an asset, rather than an expense from this week’s guest Jerome Chvilicek.

Many ranch investors believe this position is superfluous or redundancy, however, if your goal is ROI, wouldn’t you consider your investment in a professional farm/ranch manager as a way to reduce risk, cut costs, and improve yield as well as asset appreciation if they are providing 3X the annualized economic value to what they cost?

If you are questioning the value of professional ranch management, start with the best and hear it directly from the horse’s mouth here.

Jerome joined the Hall and Hall Management Group in 1989 and became a principal of the firm in 1995. He was raised on a Montana dryland farm focused on wheat and barley production with cow calf production as a secondary enterprise. With his agricultural background and coupled with his B.S. in Agricultural Business (Montana State University) and M.A. in Agricultural Economics (Washington State University), he has specific expertise managing larger producing properties. Jerome realizes that effective communication is the first step in successfully managing properties and strives to develop long term relationships with clients. His primary recreational activities are upland bird hunting behind his black lab and participating in his kid’s extracurricular activities.