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Episode 2 | The “Airbnb for hunting access”? That’ll never work…


Everyone thinks it’s a great idea, but most are skeptical it will work. Does this sound like the makings of a wildly successful entrepreneur? Well, it should, and just like ranching, you can’t be afraid to go against the grain, be the black sheep, prove the haters wrong, and be a herd-cutter.

In ranching slang, a “herd cutter” is the cow who does not march with the rest. She cuts away from the herd, goes her own way, and is thus whipped and beat-down for it. Much like begrudging neighbors who can’t stomach your evolving ranching operation.
Nic de Castro is that cow; there is no shortage of pessimists who told him “that will never work.”

Tune in and find out how he is lettin’ the haters hate but more importantly take down some notes of how you can add value to your ranch investment, how you can monetize your conservation and recreation enterprises for a higher annual yield above livestock.

Nic de Castro is an entrepreneur based in Bozeman, MT where he continues to build LandTrust. Visit landtrust.com to see current recreation listings around the country or list your property!