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Episode 14 | Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is


Don’t be “that guy”… without looking across the fence and making value-judgments of our neighbors, Jess Peterson eloquently states how you can do more with your ranch investment. From maximizing your ecological and conservation goals, to actually having a positive community impact around your ranch, as well as what you can do to be part of the bigger picture for the Beef Industry. Key takeaways from this episode should actually be “You Don’t Have To Be That Guy.” You don’t have to lock your gates or try to steamroll your neighbors if there’s good community rapport. You don’t have to be an absentee “ghostlike” owner who only comes around but twice a year and contributes nothing to your local community or the Beef Industry itself. You don’t have to be that guy playing Kevin Costner on Yellowstone while knowing nothing about the communal and ecological impacts of your ranch investment. Your Hobby/Recreation Ranch can holistically serve multiple purposes and Jess does a fine job here discussing how you might sincerely approach that issue, even if you only bought it to play dress-up.

With nearly 15 years of experience in the policy, communications, and executive management arena, Jess Peterson built a firm and team that delivers high–level results for a premier class of clients.  

Western Skies Strategies provides executive management services along with federal, state and local level advocacy along with strategic consulting. Mr. Peterson is proud to lead a management team that drives results in the boardroom, a policy team that delivers successes in the conference room and a skilled communications team that propels the winning message.  

Mr. Peterson is a proud alumnus of Miles Community College and Gonzaga University. 

Jess splits time between the WSS office in Washington, DC and Billings, MT.  Thanks to their mother, he and his wife have two incredibly beautiful and intelligent children.  Mr. Peterson spends too much time in the office, but treasures every moment doing anything underneath Montana’s “Big Sky” – especially working the family’s cattle operation. Learn more about his company here: https://wssdc.com/