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Practice What You Preach - Roger & Betsy Indreland from Indreland Ranch (Part 1)


Putting it all together; over the past year and a half we have discussed community relationships, absentee owners, holistic management, regenerative agriculture, new technologies, education, making it fun, cash flow, managing change, and carbon markets to name a few.

It is difficult to put the Indrelands in a “box” and give them a label as they do it all, but for brevity’s sake, we’ll call them ranchers.

Ranchers who are applying all areas of our Ranch Investor podcast series to their many businesses, or as we keep referring to them in this episode as “enterprises.”

We enjoyed our discussion with them so much that this may even be a two-part episode.

Indreland Angus originated in 1977. Production philosophy is that cows must consistently excel at converting basic grass resource to beef. Practicing this philosophy has refined the cowherd into trouble free and productive cattle. They do not select for any extremes in performance but demand functionality in our cattle and practice line breeding and strive to produce as many ½ and ¾ blood calves as possible. Learn more about Indreland Angus here:

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