The world’s only Direct Participation Program for syndicating large western ranch investments.

We Believe

More investors should have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of owning a great western ranch

We want to see more people have access to the exclusive benefits and wide open spaces we’ve enjoyed as generational ranch owners.

For accredited investors who want to invest in a great western ranch without the burden of management, Ranch Investor is the general partner that opens the door to simplified ranch investing and ownership.

Benefits of Ranch DPP

Administrative back-office investment management​

Executes professional ranch real estate and asset management

Streamlines the process of due diligence and ease of investing

Organizes and administers recreational benefits

Creates portfolio diversification

Brings peace of mind, freedom, and undiluted beauty

Promotes legacy planning, personal growth, and lifestyle transformation


Opening the door for ranch ownership

At Ranch Investor, we offer individuals and retirement plans the opportunity to be a passive investor in great western ranches.

We created the Direct Participation Program for syndicating within an LLC.

Filed, registered, and legally organized with the support of a Partnership Agreement, Operating Agreement, and Private Placement Memorandum.

By offering ranches to Limited Partners, we are able to dramatically reduce the capital, time, and resources needed to enjoy the benefits of owning a vast western ranch.

Invested in Your Success

Accredited Farm Manager and Accredited Land Consultant licensed in Montana, Wyoming, and Colorado.
Averaging over $12 million annual relationship-management, and increasing.
Seven years of real estate brokerage experience, in addition to ownership stake, management and consulting.

Tens of thousands of acres sold, including irrigated row crop, BLM & Forest Service, dry cropland, luxury & amenity, and pasture/range


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