Winnett Aces & Ranchers Stewardship Alliance

Impact ESG

  1. Environment - Habitat protected from Federal Ownership & Radical Environmental Groups. Project to create “working group partnerships” with Audubon Society, Nature Conservancy, and World Wildlife Fund
  2. Social - Enhancing Montana’s rural communities
  3. Governance - Managed by a democratically elected co-op

Visit & Recreate

Visit, Play, Stay, and Tour your ranch annually

Private bookings all year long

Cowboy meet-and-greet; annual Investor Days

First of it's Kind

Pilot program for first privately held, lessee-managed grass bank in the nation. Creating a new program for alignment of interest between rancher, investor, community, and ecology.


Income from grazing lease

Cost-shared improvements from working-group partners

Interest Income from contract-for-deed

Why Invest?

  1. Working ranches and western landscapes of Montana are at a crossroads of Billionaire, Federal, and Radical Environmentalist control, thus rapidly becoming economically unviable.
  2. Wildlife habitat is best supported by large ranches with a vested interest in order to sustain the ecology and support their own families and community.
  3. Creating in-tact open-space for future generations to appreciate.


The Winnett ACES (Agricultural and Community Enhancement and Sustainability) began as a group of Winnett area producers joining together to address the most important issues facing our community. Our community leaders saw that responsible land management is best done through local management, by people who understand the land and its needs as well as the community and its needs. 

“We love this land, we want to stay, and we will,” says rancher Janet Veseth of Ranchers Stewardship Alliance. “But we need to find ways to bring back our young people, and to pass our hard-earned lessons on to the next generation so they can carry into the future our culture and traditions, and this land that we have given our lives to care for.”

“Successful conservation of grasslands worldwide hinges on innovative partnerships based on principles of fairness, mutual benefit, and resource effectiveness. Conservation needs to become a strong economic engine for rural people. As soon as we get the relationships right, we’ll have healthy wildlands and thriving human communities,” said Linda Poole of The Nature Conservancy.

Fund Progress Update

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