5 Universal Practices to Implement Regenerative Agriculture

  • Water: Frost free winter water capabilities in every pasture
  • Density & Duration: livestock should not be allowed to graze longer than 14 days in any 1 paddock (in the arid west, less time duration as precip increases)
  •     This means that there should be at least 26 paddocks for every ranch operation
  • Rest & Recovery: No paddock should be grazed twice within 9 months (in the arid west, this can be increased for areas of higher precip)
  • Multi Species, grazers vs browsers. It is imperative to have both ruminating graziers who desire and select plant species specific to their nutrient and energy requirement in having 4 stomachs to chew cud while also having browsers whose pallet and evolutionary biology can withstand those other plant species that are toxic or non-palatable to graziers.
  • Minimize inputs, "the cow is the how:" rather than spraying for weeds, graze through the problem. Rather than introducing fertilizer, supplement the cow at a higher rate of minerals and feed. Minimizing inputs is about using the natural resources to enhance the natural resources.

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