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Seller's Options

The Ranch Investor Difference - We Give You Options

Our marketing proposals start at only 3.75% total commission; no additional fees, expenses, or marketing costs. Guaranteed.

Do you need to retain an interest for estate, succession, or transition planning?

We will work with you on finding the right structure and terms for the following:

  • Life Estate on your residence
  • Right of First Refusal should you feel the want to buy the ranch back again in the future
  • Sale-Leaseback so that you can capitalize on today’s values yet keep ranching for a few more years
  • Post-Closing-Management giving you the opportunity to professionally manage and caretake the ranch you have just sold
  • Right of First Offer for your kids in the event they may like to purchase the ranch from your buyer in the future
  • Repurchase Agreement for those who would like to keep the ranch alive or in the family but need a cash-injection

Would you consider converting your ranch to an investment fund allowing you to sell only a 60% interest to passive & silent investors?

Find out more here on Seller’s Options that may work best for your unique situation and how you can receive a custom marketing proposal for only 3.75% commission total.

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