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Episode 7 | What Value do Carbon Credits have?


Do you see a day in the future when there will be an exchange in a secondary marketplace for carbon credits?  In this episode, we sit down with  Chris Mehus,  one of our first guests on Season 1 who came on to talk to us about the budding and the new carbon sequestration market for perennial grasslands of ranches, and now we will hear an update of what has happened since COVID and over the last two years. Chris Mehus has always maintained a joint passion for agriculture and the outdoors. He has applied his degrees in Wildlife Biology and Range Science to assist and advocate for ranchers who have a strong conservation ethic. He is an outspoken advocate for the Ranching For Profit, Integrity Soils, Holistic Management International, and related schools of thought and how they can be applied to create a thriving ranch business while creating healthy, functioning ecological systems with rich soil and diverse wildlife populations.