Ranch Investor Podcast

Brian Alexander, host of the Ranching Reboot podcast

Episode 5 | Ranching in the Modern Age: A Look into the problems and Solutions of Today and Tomorrow


For some time, we’ve hosted episodes featuring various ranchers and their perspectives on the industry. Each of them has provided valuable insights that our audience can apply to their own ranches. 

Today, we’re taking it a step further by engaging in a candid discussion about the ranching industry, examining its government influences, the impact of major players in the protein market, and the role of investors. 

Join us as we speak with Brian Alexander, host of the Ranching Reboot podcast, to explore the interconnectedness of these aspects and discover strategies to bolster your ranching and investing endeavors. 

In this episode, we’ll also delve into Ranch Investor’s groundbreaking Direct Participation Program for Large Western Ranches, which seamlessly integrates these elements for achieving success.