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a person standing on a dirt road with a camera

Episode 2 | An Insider’s Story of Living in Rural Montana and Becoming a Million View Vlogger


How did a Montana rancher make the leap to million-view vlogging success through decentralized platforms?

In this episode, our guest Trinity Vandenacre is one of those “good ‘ol boys” whose primary love and occupation is Western life, family agriculture, and rural communities. This internet sensation wants to teach and help people understand the true aspects and values of ranching, as well as bridge the gap between people in the city and those on the range. 

Through social media and online video platforms, Trinity developed a brand and educational content that have now received 17 million views and higher viewership than many traditional forms of media. Additionally, he is beginning his own extraordinary way to educate people on the reality of ranching by “gamifying” livestock production through his virtual reality called Cattle Kings. This Metaverse is a completely digital world of ranching but on a blockchain.