Ranch Investor Podcast

Will Harris with his arms crossed

Episode 1 | How a World-Class Cattleman Revived a 130-Year-Old Farming Method


Is society ready to move away from industrialization in favor of more environmentally responsible practices?

In this episode, Will Harris tells the story of how he revived a 130-year-old farming method. His episode was the most shared on the Joe Rogan Podcast, and it’s clear why. By using sustainable and environmentally-friendly practices, Harris has improved the quality of his cattle while preserving the land.  He is a true world-class cattleman, and his story is both inspiring and informative.

His company, White Oak Pastures, is a radically traditional farming operation that uses humane animal management practices to butcher meat from animals raised in a regenerative manner. Their vertically integrated, zero-waste model requires 155+ people working together to care for the land and livestock.