5 Monitoring Metrics for Measuring, Tracking, and Reporting

“You can’t manage what you cannot measure”

This is what separates the wheat from the chaff, so to say. We are the wheat, our program is the nexus of what Regenerative Ag actually is and how it is implemented.

Species Composition and Diversity

3 important features play into species composition and diversity. These are: 

1) Relative abundance

2) Functional groups present

3) Invasives

Biomass Production Relative to Precipitation and Soil Type

This is observed production compared to expectations that are based on site potential. 

Soil Stability, Structure, and Organic Matter Content

This can be measured by basal cover, ground cover, aggregation, and percentage of organic matter present. 

Hydrologic Function

Measuring Hydrologic Function means measuring the infiltration rate and litter cover. 

Nutrient Cycling

Nutrient Cycling is measuring: 

1) Duff layer in contact with soil surface

2) Beetles present

3) Dung breakdown