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How much would having the power of Crowdfunding improve your book of business?

You should present this as an idea to your client before they reach out to us directly and “cut you out” of the deal!

You can offer landowners and buyer-organizations such as your local Land Trust and NGO/Non-Profit something no other professional has.

Have clients looking to be a Sponsor or Landowners to complete a sale-lease back? 

Here’s what’s in it for you:

  1. Hero Status—for you to propose this option and execute it will make you and your client the envy of all local Brokers and ranchers
  2. A ready-buyer for large ranching listings.
  3. A ready-investor for community and conservation groups you’ve been working with.
  4. An alternative to conservation easements.
  5. You negotiate the commission or fee that you desire with your landowner, after all it’s your deal to broker, your listing agreement.
  6. This works for that segment of your network and client base that are unlikely to ever sell but are always entertaining the idea of doing something to expand though can’t due to rising land values.
  7. Succession Planning tool for clients who are going to have a difficult time making a shift towards retirement.
  8. Financial Planning tool for those clients who are going to be facing serious capital gains and estate taxes
  9. For the legacy/generational client that is looking to capitalize on increased land values but “stay in the business.”

What Ranch Investor is looking for in Owner-Operators:

  • Land owner-operator
  • 7-15 year hold
  • Appraisal Provided by owner (must be less than 18 months old and completed by accredited appraiser)
  • RI pays closing costs & reimburses for title insurance
  • Market Competitive NNN Lease Rate
  • Progressive Producers who operate within the context of regenerative, holistic, management-intensive, conservation. Community-Driven individuals who would be a good face for the program. Ethical and likable people.
  • Amenity attributes such as hunting, fishing, riding. Landowner who would be accommodating to shareholders recreating on said ranch.
  • Be willing to implement NRCS programs
  • Be willing to implement conservation, ecosystem services, habitat restoration, and carbon programs.

What RanchInvestor is seeking in Sponsors (your local Land Trusts, NGO’s and Non-Profits):

  • Mission driven: Must have compelling values and beliefs about ecology, community, culture and ranching legacy. No radical environmental extremist groups.
  • A compelling story that promotes community, livestock, and rural values.
  • 3% of purchase price (can be raised within contingency period) to be secured as common stock; this is not a free ride for Non-Profits, to be a sponsor requires them to raise their own capital and show vested “skin in the game”

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