Carter County Ranch


  1. Proven track-record of performance and returns
  2. Invest along-side successful owner
  3. Diversity of livestock and ranch enterprises
  4. Exposure to protein markets
  5. Visit, Play, Stay, and Tour your ranch annually
  6. Private bookings all year long
  7. Cowboy meet-and-greet; annual Investor Days
  8. “Farm to Fat” vertical integration


  1. Income from sale of livestock
  2. Income from recreation


  1. Proven: track record of performance on returns seeking to expand and grow the model of “farm to fat”
  2. Security: Invest alongside successful owner.
  3. Detail and Team: Owner, manager, and cowboy crew are premier in their experience and dedication to doing things the right way. This team is in the 99th percentile for sophistication and execution.

Bar chart/graph showing 40% has been filled to reach the goal

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